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CLG Interview Questions
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why we can't make our living room as refrigerator?

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what is d/f between frame & chasses

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Un-Answered Questions

what is difference between consolidtedr root and delivery root


What is Delimited data?


How a capacitor discharge weld power supply works? what is the use of a pulse transformer?


Is it acceptable of installing an earth pit in planters area where bare copper cable, earth rod and connection are susceptible to corrosion due to water?


how many schedules are there in accounting?


what FET were we use its


What is the difference between 2 wires RTD's and 3 wires RTD's.Kindly explain the wiring diagram.


what is synchronization ?


How to calculate boiler capacity? I have 1 Autoclave, Which has to use for AAC block. Dimension for this Autoclave is - 13 Meter Length & 2.2 Meter Diameter.


what are the considerations when picking a SAS/STAT procedure?


How to Remove drives listed in a TDriveComboBox ?


I need a formula to calculate the size of cable as per load but in the terms of length. Please Reply me as i search lot of sites but i did not get the answer.


what is main function of alternate teamplate of datalist?


how the speed of the gets motor regulated. does it draw the same current on the all speed level.


Hi Buddies...i am lalitha. i am willing to appear for cognos bi-author certification. can anyone of you send me cognos dump. please please help me.


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