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CLG C Interview Questions
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Write a C program to accept a matrix of any size. Find the frequency count of each element in the matrix and positions in which they appear in the matrix


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while calculating KVA using Volt and Ampere Reading, why we multiply the result with Square Root of 3 (i.e, 1.73)?


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what is the difference between pvc & fiber glass cables


what is your perception of a typical day for a pharmaseutical representative?


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Test on three subjects Physics, Chemistry & Biology are to be conducted simultaneously the number of candidates for the tests are 68, 36 and 72 respectively. Candidates are to be seated in different rooms such that each room will have candidates of the same subject and the load on each invigilator be the same i.e. the number of candidates in each room should be the same what is the minimum number of rooms you need for the purpose


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what its mean 'inverter based technology' ? if we talk about refrigerators, splits ACs etc how it helps to produce & keep more coolness and chilled atmosphere ?


CLG C Interview Questions
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