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SRF Interview Questions
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working of a diesel generator.

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what is difference between GC & GC-HS

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Why the vector group of excitation transformer in static excitation system is Dy5?

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what is the relation between flow and pressure.for example relationship between level and pressure is p = phg like that i want ans for this question.and also how to calculate orifice sizing and flow transmitter. pls some one ans for this questions.

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what is the difference between normal motor and flame proof motor??

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why using the ph 4,7,9.2?

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what is use in calibration of conductivitimeter?

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how can give the expiry period and restadardisation of volumetric solution


Can u tell me the principle of the tc,rtd,level switch,pressure switch ,transmitter(pr flow level temp.),vibration...plz


How many interlocks at turbine side?


how to calibrate motorized operated valve?

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Differentiate between PLC, SCADA and DCS systems

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