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Maruti Suzuki Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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plz send me the syllabus or any sample paper for engineer trainee recruitment if any,on


Why is starter necessary for a three-phase induction motor?

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what is the principle of operation of synchronous motor and generator? explain in detail.

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For group 1 , 2 whather i have to prepare my technical or general studies etc? and im graduate in ee engg. for wht posts im eligible for? please tell me!


Distribution Transformer are connected in configuration? a. Star/delta b. delta/star c. star/star d. delta/delta

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how can we design robots


when voltage gets down the current of motor increases. but according to Ohm's law voltage is directly proportional to current. plz explain

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How much weight an electrical engine can pull??


What is the Full form of Rccb,MCCB,

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why DOL starter is use in induction motor as it is not reduce the starting torque

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What is full form of ELECTRICAL?

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1ampear me kitna watts hota hai aur elcb ka pura naam kya hai

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What are the safety devices on Cumins Diesel Generators from 500 kva to 1500 kva.

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What are the safety devices on Cumins Diesel Generators from 500 kva to 1500 kva.

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how can we select the rating of Load break switch that is connected to the primary protection of 200 kva 11kv/415v distribution transformer?? step by step calculated answr pls...thnk.u

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