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Maruti Suzuki SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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There are 5 records in a table and we have implemented two triggers that are :pre_query and post_query how many times these triggers will fire.

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table name: prod there are three fields in the table that are 1.proddate 2.prodQty 3.model Day wise prodQty is stored in the table prod write a query to display total prodqty in the year 2004 april.

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table name :Tab fields name 1.trx_no (pk) 2.trx_date 3.account code (7 char) 4.account type (1 char) 5.amt Tab contains account code day wise debit and credit transaction , account type fiels can have 2 value D for debit and c for Credit . write a query to display the account code wise total debit and credit bal for the month of april 2004. write a query to display account code wise new amt credit for the april 2004

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