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BFL Interview Questions
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In scanf h is used for

4 7837

process means?

2 2915

Thread means?

5 9052

advantage of Win NT over Win 95

2 11142

memory managemant in Win95

1 3128

polymorphism means?

6 7944


9 5097

linked list is implemented by

2 2598

semaphore is

4 3563

preorder of A*(B+C)/D-G

6 9981

merge sort time complexity

6 15235

fork in unix ?

4 6659

in unix profile contains

1 6967

in unix echo is used for

10 18722

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. How do you analyse Inventory Shrinkages?


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What are usage types?


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what is functionality of polymer? how can we get theoretical and practically?


hi,i am doing 3 year in electronic and instrumentation engineering. what type of aptitude questions will be asked in a core industries and how can i improve my skills in instrumentation?


Hi Friends I am learning QTP and in preliminary stage, able to write statements with no addl constraints however i am not able to get a solution if there are two options to be selected from the weblist and also when there are options with radio buttons need your help Thanks


What does the Haversian (central) canal in each osteon contains?


how to processing the transaction-errors?


Where we get good training and LABS facility In courses in Hyderabad, I completed the classes in Peers even though im sure in good practice to get right position in jobs please help me who no well in this field?


What's the Functional & Architectural Differences between Business Objects & Web Intelligence Reports?


hi all i am going for a technician position in a UK university can any one send me general questions and there answers to me.. i need possible general questions and answers.. i prepared well on subject basis...


Is there a set of UML diagrams for the CORBASEC Specification?


Write syntax to set JVM Memory as min-256Mb & max 512Mb?


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