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MEIL Interview Questions
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how to find the ballast lost from the actual wattage? for example i am going to buy decorative type 2x36watts fluorescent light fitting for this lamp how to find the ballast lost? is there any formula?

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How to calculate cement, aggregates for any one grade of concrete for icum?

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how can change 10mm dia @275 c/c bar spacing to 12 mm

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What is Boyles Law

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brickwork labour rate per cum ?


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Un-Answered Questions

I want two test two agents login for the flight website. Here is the scenario: I want to go through 1-3 rows for one user login and other user login I want to go though 3-5 rows. How would you set this up in qtp. Thank You


What is the current flowing through BTS? Pls explain?


give the details of overheads which are not included in costing


How many Stock Exchanges are in india


i need a small 3d program using inline and outline.


compare TProvider Component vs. Provider Property ?


what is active directory?


which fault is severe and why?between lll fault and lllg fault which fault is severe and y?


My question is abt backlog.I had dropped one subject in my second year, and completed this subject in the 3rd attempt, so how many backlogs i have got?1 or 3?plz sujjest the answer as soon as possible


What is the issued with V3 updates prior to PI 2002?


please give me some tips for the placement in the TCS.


what is the excess air in furnace


Do? If another user wants to share that lock but the user using that


how we creat e-vat return in tally for punjab


What is Cell Splitting?


MEIL Interview Questions
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