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Puma Informatica Interview Questions
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How union transformation is active ?

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If sal is null then replace it with min(sal). Can any one write a query for this in oracle ? Advance Thanks

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Can any one give me an example for factless fact table ? If your answer is studunt attendence registration,could you plese give me explanation for this ?

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select * from emp where sal>(select min(sal) from emp) how to implement the same in informatica ?

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What are the validations that you can perform in oracle and in informatica ? Advance Thanks


Why can't we connect source qualifier and aggrigator transformation to an expression ? Why they resticted to conncet 2 active trasformations to an passive transformation ?


How to display last 5 records in a table ? With out Top key word and doing order by desc Advance thanks

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What is flashback table ? Advance thanks


what are the limitations of pushdown optimization technique ? Advance thanks

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What is version control in informatica ? Advance thanks

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How to delete duplicate records if we have huge volume of records in a table ? (rowid is not the correct approach)

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Why can't we connect 2 active transformations to an active transformation ? Ex:- One aggriagator and one sq trans to an router transformation

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Can we write to_date(three arguments) ? Will it work ? Advance thanks

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can we send mail when ever it get success or faulure to other mailid?(Not company mail id)

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In pmcmd command we need to type -p:password. Will it be visible to others who is having access to this file ?

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Puma Informatica Interview Questions
    Puma Informatica Interview Questions (16)

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