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State Bank Of India SBI General Aptitude Interview Questions
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Please send me previous 10 year SBI clerical exam question Papers....Also send Interview questions..

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can u send me all old papers of sbi cleark exams?


sir,please give question bank in SBI clerical post question in my email


can you send me the SBI Clerical post model question papers


please send the marketing aptitude,computer knowldege for sbi clerical exam ........


Plz, send me last five years all questions with answers of sbi clerkship exam


Plz, send me last 10 years question with answer of sbi clerkship exam

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pls send me question paper anser for clerical exam of state bank & uniun bank of india.


plz send all previous question papers for SBI clerical email id is


PLz let me kno d syllabus 4 Karnataka bank exam.......


Mr rahul spends 20% for house, 30 % on children, 10% on conveyance, 30% on education, 20% on other expenditure and Rs 5150.50 as savings. How much is Rahul's total salary?

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Plz send me the SBI exam previous question paper.


hello..i hav cleared SBI written exm..i am a post graduate in english..wht type of questions they may ask me at the interview? plz help.


i attended sbi clerical interview on28/04/10.on 20/08/10 i called sbi headoffice 022-22024619 they said tht final result will be declared after 2 months.i also had another no 022-22826300.if anybody are interested cal those no' mobile no is 9010347790(udamsingh)


There are four temples around a pond. a lady goes to each temple & offered some flowers. when she offered some flower in 1st temple the remaining flowers got doubled. same continues till her visit to all four temples. in the fourth temple she offered all flowers she had with her. if she had offerd equal number of flowers in each temple, then answer me that how many flowers did she take & how many flowers she offered in each temple......

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Post New State Bank Of India SBI General Aptitude Interview Questions

State Bank Of India SBI General Aptitude Interview Questions

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