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State Bank Of India SBI Government AllOther Interview Questions
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hi. i am ankur.i have been selected for clerical cadre in sbi associate bank, its sbm(mysore).but i have not received any sms or email for medical or joining letter.can any i tell why???n what will be pay scale for a fresher???. plzz frwd ur answer to my id

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Hi, am Aruna...I had applied for RECRUITMENT OF CLERICAL STAFF IN STATE BANK OF INDIA CENTRAL RECRUITMENT & PROMOTION DEPARTMENT can any body help me what kind of Questions can get in written Exams, Please post the questions with answers this my id


Wil a PG degree be a disadvantage in SBI clerical Selection??? I read from one of the website that the panel members have regretted her application since she was a pg Holder--i mean she was over qualified...


my sister is working in sbi bank as customer relation since she is getting married my family wants her to take a leave for around 3 there any way to get a leave for 3 months....


I want the question & answer paper of State Bank Of India Clerkship . Can you please send it to me?

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please send the model paper of sbi clerk


i request u to send 10 years solved clerical papers from different bank or SBI.


Could u tel which types of book u refered for SBI clerical exam. I trying for it so would u help me


hi, i am preparing state bank of india clerical examination- 2009.i need some previous year question paper and current affairs.if any one find send me. Thanks

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pls mail me all the possible question and answers of SBI clerical exam my id is pls pls help me i have exam on nov 8 & 15 2009.




i want last 10 years solved paper of sbi clerk

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In a certain code cream is writen as nbdbq. how is bread writen in that code

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In a certain code DUPLICATE is writen as MRVFJFVBE. How is CARTOUCHE writen in that code

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devis cup related to?

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Post New State Bank Of India SBI Government AllOther Interview Questions

State Bank Of India SBI Government AllOther Interview Questions

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