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State Bank Of India SBI BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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Why do you want to join Banking Sector?

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Hi! i am selected 4 the interview after passing the written exam.I am pursuing a BCA degree course and have only one semester left.What should I do?Should i join the job?And please tell what will be the salary for intermediates?


on which basis are they alloting interview dates.... Merit or Reg nums or Roll nums.......

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pls tell me the hierarchy of officers in SBI

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I have got sbi clerical.I have completed btech in computer Science.What should i answer for why i want to do clerical Job infact of having an engg degree? Wil it not be a Degradation for my career?

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Hi friends,this is samyuktha.I have shortlisted for the sbi clerical interview.I completed comp,after that i did B.Ed also. I have 4 yrs gap so what type of questions asking in interview plz suggest me.In which basis they are taking plz mailed me.

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hi... i m nitin and i selected for sbi clerical interview 2010. but i have no idea to check my interview schedule. can anyone tell me how do i check he interview dates. my emai is please send me the process that how do i know when does the interview is going on.

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Hi friends i shortlisted for the sbi clerical interview.I have interview on may 6th,Bangalore.Can anybody have interview before this date plz inform me.

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What is Inflation? How can we calucalate inflation? and what is the present rate of Inflation?

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What is economy? what is the present economy rate?


I am a btech in computer science and engg. I have cleared written of SBI CLERICAL EXAM NOV 2009 Please tell me what kind of questions will be asked??


what is inflation

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what is monetary policy

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Send me sbi HR questions to me. If u will get other job than sbi clerical,then what will you do?Asked in Sbi.

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hey, i m ruchi n i m selected for sbi clericalinterview 2010 can anybody tell me the meaning of sbi logo. please share ur ideas. thanx.

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Post New State Bank Of India SBI BSRB Clerical Interview Questions

State Bank Of India SBI BSRB Clerical Interview Questions

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