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  • Bata interview questions (6)

Bata Engineering AllOther Interview Questions
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how to connect oracle with java ? Give detail explanation.


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which property is used to change to some value to access a identity column in datacontrols?


can 2 tier architecture can be change as a 3 tier architecture


in u flatfile some of fact records are missed then u load the diminision records are not if u load diminsion records what about fact table records


What directives support animations?


What is Load sharing of Transformer ?


i have been filled the form of AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA for ATC & ELECTRONICS but this is may i did'nt got exam date .when it will conduct.


i have applied for junior engg. signal II please send me questions papers for it


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Where to enter bonus and pf esi in tally pls help for me


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suggest me the free online books on software testing?


Plese give us information Service Special Tools for Hydraulic,Trasmission,Main clucth,Rear axle etc for Mahindra Tractor 6030-4WD,Like SST Number,Discription,Price and Dimension or Photograph if u have.Thanks


what are questions asked in TCS for database tester (sqlserver)?ay idea


journal entry for prepaid insurance and salary outstanding


If you are scientist to b e and you wish to develop a self-generating power appliances, what would b e the ranking of importance to apply your concept of creating energy using alternator: 1. Washing Machine 2. Motor Water Pump 3. Electric Fan 4. Electric Stove 5. Flat Iron – Which one will b e your foremost and the least at the rank of 1 to 5? Why is that so? Defend your answer.


Bata Engineering AllOther Interview Questions
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