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Bank Of India BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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I got shortlisted for interview round of Bank of India- Clerk recruitment. My interview date is 28th Dec .I am from Science background can anyone tell me what kind of questions can be asked in interview. If anyone has already given this interview please share your experience.


hi, they may ask that how can u b beneficial for our bank,who is the CMD,how many branches r there,how many ATMs r there,in how many countries this bank has branches,and last but not least that what preparations have u done for interview


what questions were asked in bank of india clerical interview please let us know..I have interview tomorrow..Thanks

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When bank of india will declare the interview results ??Any idea..

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Hi Frnds, What are the training centres for Bank Of India Clerical staff?. Is there training centre in chennai region? Pls let me know if any one knows.


why do you want to bacome a clerk in bank

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Why do you want to join Banking Sector?

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"CHARACTER CERTIFICATE format" ; i need it dipparately for submitting in interview for SBI clerical recruitment.PLS PLS can 1 help? THANKS.

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i am commrce student please tell me whats question arise in the interview


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