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Vizag Steel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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In step down transformer (415/200V),mistakenly secondary side is connected to 415V for some hours, what would be result of this condition?

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what are the main parts of DG? explian thier functions?

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hi this is hema, r there any books in particular for the preparation of the APPSC-A.E.E(electrical), if so please mail me the names ... thank u .


a.c&d.c motor&generator

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4.In which type of welding is a pool of molten metal used.....

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how does a current carrying conductor posess a magnetic field. what is the reason for the production of electro magnetic field around the conductor

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sir i want previous entrance exam papers for written test


sir vizag steel ka junior trainee ka paper kitne number ka ayega


two transformers of the same type, using the same grade of iron and conducting material, are designed to work at same flux and current densities, but the linear dimension of one are two times of the other in all respects. The ration of kVA of the two transformer closely equal to................? options: 16, 8, 4, 2

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