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Verifone General Aptitude Interview Questions
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Product of three consecutive nos. 210. What is the sum of two least numbers?

4 10011

If the area of the sqaure is increased by 69 % how much the length of the side will increase?

1 12547

if the sum of five consecutive nos. 35? how many prime nos are there ?

5 14268

if the length of the rectangle is reduced by 20% and breath is increased by 20 % what is the net change ?

2 4643

if length of a rectangle is incr by 20% and width is decr by 20% then area

5 21216

the lead in pencil is 5inch long.after pieces of 1/8.1-3/4,1-1/12 inches are broken how long is the lead left in the pencil?

1 4568

how many two digit numbers satisfy the property:the last digit of the sqr of the two digit number is 8

2 9027

what is the max no of points of intersection of two circles of unequal radii

7 14359

if the area of sqare increases by 69% then side of the sqr incr by

5 5777

there are 27 coins in which 0ne is heavier than rest(all equal weight).how many measurements are needed to isolate that odd one.

2 5649

How many two digit numbers satisfy the property: the last digit of the square of the two digit number is 8:


If the area of square increases by 69% then side of the square increment by:


If the product of three consecutive int is 210,then sum of the two smaller ints is:


If x,y,z are chosen frm -3,1/2,2 what is the largest value of (x/y)*z*z


Sum of 5 consecutive numbers is 35. How many of the numers are prime:


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