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Value Labs Interview Questions
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what is test objective?

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what is 2 tier and 3 tier application.

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Is web based application a 2 tier or 3 tier application.

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Are applications developed in Java, html, servletts client server or web based..

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Give difference between Intranet application, client server application, and web based application

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What is an assembly?

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How to execute test cases written in excelsheet???

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What is the difference between functional test type and navigation test type?

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Where is global assembly cache located on the system?

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Placement Paper of Valuelabs On Aug 2006

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what is the difference between HashMap and Hashtable

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what are the different types of SDLC?

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What should QA require of Development?


ValueLabs Placement paper [Written Test and Interview] In Hyderabad

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what is the most critical bug u have to find in ur project.My application is ERP based,in this purchase module is there.plz tell me the answer?


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Value Labs Interview Questions

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