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Value Labs SQL Server Interview Questions
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Can I remove the default constraint columns in SQL SERVER?

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What is the difference between distinct clause and group by clause?

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What is the use of placing primary key and foreign key constrains on columns.

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what is IDE,DMV in sql server?

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I have a table in which phno is one of the columns.i do have some values in tht phno column.i need to update phno column values with 0(zero) as prefix.give me a correct solution plz...

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Give some Scenario for Non Clusterd index? Can we write system defined functions in side The Function? Wat is the Unique Datatype?


What is the difference Between Sql-server 2000 & 2005

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How to get the count of distinct records. Please give me the query?

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Please give me the SP for the below scenario. I have two tables named Table1 and Table2...I need to fetch record by record from Table1 and insert the record in to table2 where the value in the sno column of the table1 is even number.

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how to insert the values in 5 table at a time Using any single statement ?

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How to Handle the exceptions in Sqlsrver 2005??

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Suppose i have one sql query that contains 2 minute to execute.After one weekly i am executing same query that is taking 5 minute.Why our same query is taking more time.what would be my approach to reduce execution time.Please help.

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Value Labs SQL Server Interview Questions

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