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UST DB2 Interview Questions
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what is check point and restart Logic ? why do we go for that ??

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if there is a table with huge number of records and if i want to extract only first 3 records from the table, what query i have to provide to retreive first 3 records

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i hav created a program and moved to production but failed to create the table which is been used in the program. the program shows error as soon as it is moved or installed in production or shows error during its runtime. what is the sqlcode for this error

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Can a array declared with an index be displayed(readable format) in spool?

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Can you use a select query in a loop to fetch multiple rows? If so what is the advantage of using a cursor?

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Can we use select query in a loop to fetch multiple rows in a COBOL PROGRAM? If so, what is the advantage of cursor?

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how will you retrieve first record in table

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how will i display the duplicate record's from a table... i don't want to eliminate ...i want to display the duplicate record...for example in my table i have 10 record's like record no(1,2,3,4,2,9,6,1) in this i want to receive duplicates...

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Request to database but database is not available so what is was abend is raised?

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