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UST JCL Interview Questions
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what are the symbolic parameters? why do we use symbolic parameters ?

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Suppose there r 10 steps . Out fo which i want to execute 10th, 9th and 8th in reverse order without using IEBEDIT. How can i do that..???

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How to overide the symbol parameter in the jcl ?

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I have three files for one step i need to override the third file how to do that in jcl?

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If i have defined an temperory dataset in step2, how can i call back or use the same dataset in step5 of the same job

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I have a JCL with 100 steps. I want run the Alternate steps in the JCL ( Like 2 ,4,6,8 etc.. ). How can I acheive this scenario? If It is by Cond Parameter can you provide the Condition code for that?

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HOw to submit a job from other user id.? for exp some other job name like "t4622sdx".now i want to submit that job from my user id?(we don't know that location at all Just we know job name)

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I have a input file. Data like: ABCDEFGH.... i want out put file like AB BC CD DE....How can do this??

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