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Bajaj Interview Questions
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Journal entry for cheque issue but not yet realised.

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What is the difference between Rectifier & Converter?

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Diploma Mechanical Engineer i had attened more over 100 interviews they are all asking the same question "TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF"

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what is your dream company?

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why you change your previous company ?

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How to Convert horsepower to kva? what is the three phase formula? explain me if u can Example..i have 50Hp Moter how can i convert in kva tell me formula three phases Rehan

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Why sometime AVR and sometime Booster coil is used in Alternator? what is the diferance between AVR & Booster coil due to which they are selected


10th + one year ITI (Diesel Mechanic) is eligible for Assistant LOco pilot in RRB.

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what is the exam pattern of rrb assistant loco pilot exam?


what is the syllabus of rrb assistant loco pilot exam? and what is the time they alloted for the exam? and give the details of subjects and how many marks they carry from each subject and give details of wrong answers?

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1500Ah VRLA battery,if its weight is designed 125kg during maufacturing its weight is reduced to 85kgs,What will be impact on AH capacity,life & economy?


sale your self


what are 5 important point of TS?


There is how many members should be involved in an interview committee constituted by the Haryana staff selection commission?

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Hi, Our Company Purchase Rs:15,00,000 worth of Truck from a person, When at the time of Payment We deduct TDS or Not? Note: There is No Agreement or Contract with them I need the Help. Regards Sakthi

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