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Thomson Interview Questions
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difference between office expense and miscelleanous expense with some examples


Suppose you are adding a new field in a map, and that field should also be added as a new column in DB2 table. How do you implement this? what is the impact analysis u will do?

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Suppose your program is reading a Sequential Vsam file. The file contains 10 records. How will you code the JCL to read only 2nd, 5th, 7th,and 10th record?

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What is the meaning of Contingent Liability? Where is it shown in the Balance Sheet?

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what is finance?

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pf7 and pf8 logic. first wnen i press pf7 first five records has to be displayed .second time when i press pf7 next five records to be displayed. what was the logic. give clear explination.

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Table Order_Name has a column Order_Date which gives the date & Time at which the order is passed.Find the table to write a query to find out the latest order.

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what is the diffrance with elcb,rccb,mcb

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How to enter every month employees salaries in P&L a/c and why we use JOURNAL VOUCHER for salaries?

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what is accounts receivable and accounts payable and how to use accounts receivable and accounts payable?

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what is the difference between procedure and function.

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how to do aggregation (year wise quantity ) using only source qualifier, the source is sql server date as datetime data type and target as flat file with year (string datatype)


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