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Techno Labs Interview Questions
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Can we inherit a private class in chsarp? how? explain(with code) ?

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explain connection less and with connection?diference between data reader,data set,data adapter? can we use data reader,data set in a single application? if yes explain with simple code,if no explain?

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What does the term immutable mean?

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What is lifting power for 1 wb/m2 and 1 A magnet?


what is the difference between cable routing and scheduling?

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What is Exact meaning for Full load Efficiency and Maximum Efficiency of Transformer? Is there any Difference between? If yes ,please provide with formulae?

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From the following data calculate (i) P/V Ratio (ii) Profit when sales are Rs.20,000 and (iii) the new Break-Even Point, if the selling price is reduced by 20% Fixed expenses Rs. 4,000 Break-Even-Pont Rs. 10,000

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I have a table emp , Fields with empname,dnname,dno,salary. now I want copy distinct salary with all emp detail from emp into new table which is not already exist in database. how would I do this ?

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