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TCL Ab Initio Interview Questions
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In which scenario, .rec files will not get created even if graph fails ? How to use in abinitio graph?

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What is the diff between abinitiorc and .abinitiorc files ?

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11. What is the use of allocate()?

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11. What is the use of allocate()?

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What is the diff between abinitiorc and .abinitiorc files ?

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Broadcast and replicate does the similar work , what’s the diff then

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How can you export a component’s internal parameters ?


How you can test a dbc file ?

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What is the significance of ‘mp run’ command ?

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. How can you run a graph continuously without using continuous components ?

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. How can you get all the fields form a lookup files ? (Which function)

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) Diff.between Output index and Output indexes?

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) Layout? What is the Dataset & Program Component Layout

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What is difference between force_error & force_abort? How to use in abinitio graph?

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What is the best way of creating huge test feeds ? How to use in abinitio graph?

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