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TCL Linux AllOther Interview Questions
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i want some basic level enterview questions can any one can help me in this

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Un-Answered Questions

Which routing rules has to be defined in sap hana studio to configure web dispatcher to use https request?


When you need to use mp3 file in android application, which folder you need to create and store mp3 file?


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What is an Idoc status? What are the different types of Idoc statuses that you know?


Use a regular expression to find records. Use “REGEXP BINARY” to force case-sensitivity. This finds any record beginning with r.


Explain the data types present in bo and what happens if we implement view in the designer and report?


Hi Iam doing a Manualtesting job in small company and my educational background is MCA i want to learn TELECOM PROTOCOL TESTING " please give any suggestion how is my carrier in IT filed and job opportunity am i eligible for Protocol testing ?


Which key is used to execute a command?


how to print a number in character(ex. 123= one twenty three)?


You are given a dataset where the number of variables (p) is greater than the number of observations (n) (p>n). Which is the best technique to use and why ?


How is a peoplecode function called?