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Axis Bank Interview Questions
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Why did you want to change(leave) your current(present) job?

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Who is the present Governor of Reserve Bank of India? (1) Prof. Madhu Dandavate (2) M.S. Ahluwalia (3) C. Rangarajan (4) Dr. Bimal Jalan

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Tell me something about your hometown.

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what is a punchline of sbi,icici,hdfc,allahabad bank, dena bank .

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why do you chose to work with HDFC bank?

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what are nationalised banks?

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What is Meany By MIS Report?What are things covered in the report?

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what is the e mail id of customercare of axis bank powerkome loan?

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how to reduce axis bank emi

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Find the wrong number in the given series: 2,3,12,37,86,166,288

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what is explosure

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Why did you choose banking as your profession?

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what is the concept of finance accounting?

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how you are convince the customer to open a account in sbi, is customer want to open the account in private bank.

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what if any interviewer ask that why you have taken an AT KT in the exam. what should be a reasonable ansewer?


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Axis Bank Interview Questions
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