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Pls tell me interview question for CPO (SI)

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Pls tell me interview question for CPO (SI)..

Answer / arati ram

be confident and revise your study, u will definetly

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Pls tell me interview question for CPO (SI)..

Answer / mentor

CPO interview conducted by SSC
They will ask you questions on

1. Biodata : Why this graduation? About your district. About family. Your hobby.
2. Graduation subject : Basic concepts
3. Current : Topics from news papers. Suicide in paramilitary forces.
4. Situation: How will you handle the situation in naxal attack? etc.

Remember that this is a personality test. So knowledge is not the main focus. So prepare yourself to showcase your personality in a right manner. Attend good coaching to get the right guidance.

Best wishes!

Career Quest Institute for Interview Training
M-2 Himalika Commercial Complex, Behind UCO Bank,
Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi -9
Phone: 09811299811, 09990840999.
visit to know the feedback of the candidates about interview.

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Pls tell me interview question for CPO (SI)..

Answer / xyz

study everythig u will get selcted

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Pls tell me interview question for CPO (SI)..

Answer / mahesh pandey

help me in the interview, how i face the interview

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Pls tell me interview question for CPO (SI)..

Answer / sumit kumar

i am also searching for cpo(SI) interview questions.

pls help...

anyway when will be ur interview Virendra??????

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Pls tell me interview question for CPO (SI)..

Answer / arjuun

inki maa ka dassh dashh
koi interview question bata ega sala ka karen interview me
kaise baithen

off all portals and blogs

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Pls tell me interview question for CPO (SI)..

Answer / vijay singh (victory singh0

whatever u stutied in written fuke up it all . int. is
relater 2 u what u did in past with your
study,life, all oue. if uall get problem
i,ll meet u in the interview..i,m also for it

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Pls tell me interview question for CPO (SI)..

Answer / ankit

I attend cpo interview and qualify it with help of INCEPTION Coaching institute Delhi . without INCEPTION helps I do nothing very Thanks to INCEPTION.if you join INCEPTION interview CLASSES call them on 9899113914

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