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Sony Interview Questions
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How to calculate the sonic velocity of a gas stream?

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How to reverse a string using a recursive function, without swapping or using an extra memory?

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Where we use Chain and End chain?

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Are you willing to relocate ?

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Panchatantra was written by (1) Kalidas (2) Kautilya (3) Vishnu Sharma (4) Rabindranath Tagore

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ValueLabs Placement paper [Written Test and Interview] In Hyderabad

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what is the difference between user-exit & customer-exit?

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program to find a smallest number in an array

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wat is the difference between ALE & EDI?

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could you tell me the difference between an INTERFACE AND CONVERSION?

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how to select earthing conductor size of amy motor/panel etc.

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Cooking gas contains more than 90 percent of (1) Hydrogen (2) Sulphur dioxide (3) Helium (4) Methane

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Actually what is Quality it Test Director or some other tool..Anybody can expalain it in detail..Thanks in advance..

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Actually what is Quality center.. is it Test director only.. Anybody can explain it..Thanks in advance..

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Sony Interview Questions

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I want to know about rolling margin of steel :- For eg. If 2nos. bundle of 8mm dia steel with17 rods each of length 12m comes to store. During testing of 1m rod of each bundle it was found that 1rod has weight .405kg/m while other has .385kg/m. Now what will happen in case of steel payment and measurement payment ? Regards,


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What are the steps to create a document in ms word?


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Explain the various objects in dataset.


what do u mean by pay to click


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Explain the differences between analytical and computational modeling?


Who command in unix operating system?


int i=3; this declaration tells the C compiler to a) reserve space in memory to hold the integer value b) associate the name i with this memory location c) store the value 3 at this location d) all the above


Do you know what are different types of replication in sql server?


What are dynamic actions? Give a few examples. What are the it's you used in them.


What is junit testing?