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SoftSol Interview Questions
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How many classes can a single .NET DLL contain?

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what is the difference between GET and POST?

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Can we create instance for Abstract class?

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How do you test cases for mobile handsets ?

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What are the main key components in Web applications and Client Server applications? and their differences?


Can u Explain me in real time projects any frameworks follows in Loadrunner ? if Yes plz mentiond(Chandana)

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What r the properties of Radio Button and Table Grid?How do we test Table Grid?

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1) Can you tell me the High severity and low priority bug,High priority and low severity bug?

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What is cart meeting?have you participated any time?

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display the second highest salary department wise in employee table

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How does Oracle guarantee data integrity of data changes?

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What are the factors you will check for the performane optimization for a database query?

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Differences between jdk 1.4 and 1.5

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program to check if a number is "perfect number".

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what is inorganic chemistry?

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Un-Answered Questions

When sql appeared?


What is baste?


In how many parts 'non-tax revenue' is divided?


What do you understand by dissolution of firm?


Can ajax be implemented in browsers that do not support the xmlhttprequest object?


What is the use of dagger?


What is Arduino in IOT?


My Question is regarding WCT. During an audit of a company, i saw a contractor consolidated invoice for installation at site in which it shows labour charges and goods supply separately and no service tax and vat is charged. The company pay the whole amount to contractor after deducting TDS. my question is whether WCT also deducted? if deducted at which rate if company in gurgaon?


how do you reference the variable block file formats from cobol programs


Can anyone send me NIC question papers alongwith answers on Urgently needed.. Thanks in advance


areas for improvement


How do you start a new line in java?


what is functionality of polymer? how can we get theoretical and practically?


what could be the (realtime)bugs you come across in job portal and health care projects in terms of 1. high severity n low priority 2. high severity n high priority 3. low severity n low priority 4. low severity n low priority? pls its very urgent thanks n in advance n lukin forward for reply


Explain Availability check.