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Sierra Atlantica Interview Questions
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Which one is the Best approach to put code, among Triggers and Procedures? Explain?

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What are the Major differences between appcore.pll and appcore2.pll

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What are the Major differences bteween key flexfields ,descriptive flexfields

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what is the difference between character mode,bitmap mode

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tell me about severity and priority with example

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requesting to send me a previous placement paper

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what are the optimization techniques for Query optimization performance issues and faster execution of queries

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What is Change and configuration management repositoty

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What is ment by leased asset?

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i have 3 parameters like p1,p2,p3.In p1 i have 2 parameters like a,b.if pass parameter 'a' p2 should be enable and p3 should be disable then if pass parameter 'b' the vice versa.

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how to find the custom directory in front end.

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how to debug the report?

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What are the accounting entries in p2p cycle??

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Is it possible to convert QTP scripts to Silk scripts?

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What is a Burn Down Chart in Agile(Scrum) Methodology?

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