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Sail Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is applied voltage for meggering a 6600V HT cable

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What happen to generator if i have unbalanced load?


What is transformer tap changers please explain

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In how we connect watt meter for open & short circuit test of a single phase transformer.

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what will happened to give the dc supply to ac transformer?

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what will happen if i commission a transformer without connecting the neutral?

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Is vtg is controlled by the resistor? if else how much?


sail kaott diploma ece ke interviw me qus.kis parkar ke aate hai aur G.S me kya puchate hai kya sameedyaan me kis parkar ke qu.puchate hai


if you are in a software company,then why do you want to come in a core company like sail, ntpc(where lots of trouble like tension but you have a good life in a it company) ?


why u want to work in sail/ntpc as u r already in an it company where life is good, good environment no much tensions etc?

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How many safety of Disel Generator

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How many distance in distribution pole OR 33Kv line pole

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what are inherent currents?


which cable is preferred PVC OR XLPE for voltage from 220V to 11 KV with proper justification

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How the unidirectional torque produced in dc motor

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