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RBS DB2 Interview Questions
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My cobol program(not having any sql statements) is calling another cobol program ( having sql statements), what is needed for compilation and run in jcls .

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If a non-DB2 program calls a DB2 program, the calling program's name will be there in SYSIN of IKJEFT01 and the plan name will be that of the called program. But is a bind needed or a plan has to be created for the non-DB2 program also?

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how do u update the faltfile into db2 table ?

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Q1. How will you use two different DB2 qualifiers in a single COBOL program? Suppose we have 2 tables EMP1 and EMP2 with same structure defined in two different DB2 qualifiers QUAL1.EMP1 and QUAL2.EMP2 now during first 15 days we want to use QUAL1.EMP1 and rest of the days QUAL2.EMP2  how will we do this.  We can create a single program and a single load for this program. 

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Q3. How will you fetch duplicate values from a DB2 table?

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Write a query to extract first 5 characters of a name in the column Stud_Name?

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