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RBS Core Java Interview Questions
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what is tempplate pattern

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1) There are 10 different threads in runnable state. Each having priority 1 to 10. How does the CPU schedules or executes these threads?

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2) Suppose there are 5 directories having lot of files (say txt files) in each directory. 2 things :- 2.1) You want to search for filenames which have a particular pattern. 2.2) Out of these filtered files you want to search for a particular keyword or a search string. How can you achieve this?


3) Suppose you are a very rich person, having 50 rooms and you have lost the key for one of the room's. How effectively you can find this key? (Qs2 and Qs3 are related)

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Suppose there is a System A which gives some output. This output is used as input by system B. The rate at which System A produces is faster than the rate at which system B consumes it. How can you improve this?

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Suppose there is an Online shopping cart application having different objects like Cart, SelectionItem, Billing, COnfiguration, Authentication, Authorization, PersonalDetails etc. Out of this which one can be made a singleton pattern and why?

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What is Co-Variant return type in method overriding?

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7) Suppose there is Student class like class student { int age; string name; } We want to store these objects in a HashMap. Do we need to override any methods in Student class? If any which ones and why? what if i just override equals or just hashcode? what will be the results in both the cases?

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Can an abstract class have a constructor?

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