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RBS COBOL Interview Questions
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How to resolve the soc4 and soc7 errors?

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What is the maximum size of a 01 level item in COBOL I? in COBOL II?

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I have the file which is having the extension no as records. sample file will look like below. 2310 3410 3256 4350 3781 5408 I need to replace the record which is starting with 3 to 5 (i.e) 3410 to 5410. How can we do it through cobol and cobol-db2 program? I need the possible logic?

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I have the requirement to compare the two files and pick up the matching records. File 1. file2 23 32 32 13 34 15 35 36 36 35 43 Get the matching records from this 2 files to out file. how you will do this in cobol program?

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Extract only those records from a PS file which are having word 'TEXT' in the records using COBOL? The word TEXT is not present in a particular position in all the records.

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