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Quintiles SAS Interview Questions
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How could you generate test data with no input data?

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ยท What are some good SAS programming practices for processing very large data sets?

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what other SAS features do you use for error trapping and data validation?

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Why is a STOP statement needed for the point=option on a SET statement?

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Briefly describe 5 ways to do a "table lookup" in sas.

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If you were told to create many records from one record show how you would do this using arrays and with PROC TRANSPOSE?

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How can you put a "trace" in your program?

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Are you sensitive to code walk-throughs peer review or QC review?


What is the order of evaluation of the comparison operators: + - * /** ()?

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How would you remove a format that has been permanently associated with a variable? ________________

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How to convert a given date value into SAS date

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How to do user inputs and command line arguments in SAS? D&B

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How do i read multiple spaces in datasets?

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what are all the reports you generated in your recent project?


Did you used proc test? when?


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