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Quexst Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Write the Test Cases for Ball Pen and Water Bottle.

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What type of Testing u done ur project?

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Test cases for Recycle Bin

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I want to know the real time cycle i.e SDLC.(First of all Buisness logic is prepared,but doesn't know by whom and with the help of whom?)Similarly what are the next steps (the persons involved) and connection in between the steps.

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1.What is mean by data base testing?explain with example? 2. you can check the data base testing through sql then why we are using QTP Data base check ? 3.difference between modified waterfall model and waterfall model? 4.defect life cycle?

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In manual testing (web based testing)interview, interviewer asked me "How you connect to the database?" What is the answer for this question

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How will you test application without any SRS or any document and also the the developer who developed the application is resigned. In short no one knows the functionality of application.

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After resolving bug, You immediately do regression testing or later?

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Quexst Manual Testing Interview Questions

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