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Quark Interview Questions
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class X { public: int x; static void f(int z); }; void X::f(int y) {x=y;} What is the error in the sample code above? a) The class X does not have any protected members. b) The static member function f() accesses the non-static z. c) The static member function f() accesses the non-static x. d) The member function f() must return a value. e) The class X does not have any private members.

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template class Obj { T my_t; X my_x; public: Obj(T t, X x) : my_t(t), my_x(x) { } }; Referring to the sample code above, which one of the following is a valid conversion operator for the type T? a) T operator T () { return my_t; } b) T operator(T) const { return my_t; } c) operator(T) { return my_t; } d) T operator T (const Obj &obj) { return obj.my_t; } e) operator T () const { return my_t; }

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catch(exception &e) { . . . } Referring to the sample code above, which one of the following lines of code produces a written description of the type of exception that "e" refers to? a) cout << e.type(); b) cout <<; c) cout << typeid(e).name(); d) cout << e.what(); e) cout << e;

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int f() { int I = 12; int &r = I; r += r / 4; int *p = &r; *p += r; return I; } Referring to the sample code above, what is the return value of the function "f()"? a) 12 b) 15 c) 24 d) 17 e) 30

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