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Quark C++ General Interview Questions
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1. What does the following do: void afunction(int *x) { x=new int; *x=12; } int main() { int v=10; afunction(&v); cout< 5 7319

How long does this loop run: for(int x=0; x=3; x++) a) Never b) Three times c) Forever

17 38847

Which uses less memory? a) struct astruct { int x; float y; int v; }; b) union aunion { int x; float v; }; c) char array[10];

4 6385

Evaluate: int fn(int v) { if(v==1 || v==0) return 1; if(v%2==0) return fn(v/2)+2; else return fn(v-1)+3; } for fn(7); a) 10 b) 11 c) 1

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Which of the Standard C++ casts can be used to perform a ?safe? downcast: a) reinterpret_cast b) dynamic_cast c) static_cast d) const_cast

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class professor {}; class teacher : public virtual professor {}; class researcher : public virtual professor {}; class myprofessor : public teacher, public researcher {}; Referring to the sample code above, if an object of class "myprofessor" were created, how many instances of professor will it contain? a) 0 b) 1 c) 2 d) 3 e) 4

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string somestring ; Which of the following choices will convert a standard C++ string object "somestring" to a C string? a) Copy.somestring () ; b) somestring.c_str () c) &somestring [1] d) std::cstring (somestring) e) (char *) somestring

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class basex { int x; public: void setx(int y) {x=y;} }; class derived : basex {}; What is the access level for the member function "setx" in the class "derived" above? a) private b) local c) global d) public e) protected

3 6445

class Alpha { public: char data[10000]; Alpha(); ~Alpha(); }; class Beta { public: Beta() { n = 0; } void FillData(Alpha a); private: int n; }; How do you make the above sample code more efficient? a) If possible, make the constructor for Beta private to reduce the overhead of public constructors. b) Change the return type in FillData to int to negate the implicit return conversion from "int" to "void". c) Make the destructor for Alpha virtual. d) Make the constructor for Alpha virtual. e) Pass a const reference to Alpha in FillData

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class HasStatic { static int I; }; Referring to the sample code above, what is the appropriate method of defining the member variable "I", and assigning it the value 10, outside of the class declaration? a) HasStatic I = 10; b) int static I = 10; c) static I(10); d) static I = 10; e) int HasStatic::I = 10;

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class X { private: int a; protected: X(){cout<<"X constructor was called"< 2 5404

class Foo { const int x; protected: Foo(int f); ~Foo(); }; Foo f; Referring to the sample code above, why will the class declaration not compile? a) The variable x is const. b) The destructor is protected. c) The destructor is not public. d) The constructor is protected. e) There is no default constructor.

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class Foo { public: Foo(int i) { } }; class Bar : virtual Foo { public: Bar() { } }; Bar b; Referring to the above code, when the object 'b' is defined, a compiler error will occur. What action fixes the compiler error? a) Adding a virtual destructor to the class Bar b) Adding a constructor to Bar which takes an int parameter c) Adding "Foo()" to the Bar constructor d) Adding a copy constructor to the class Foo e) Adding "Foo(0)" to the Bar::Bar initializer list

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Which one of the following describes characteristics of "protected" inheritance? a) The base class has access only to the public or protected members of the derived class. b) The derived class has non-public, inheritable, access to all but the private members of the base class. c) The derived class has access to all members of the base class. d) The private members of the base class are visible within the derived class. e) Public members of the derived class are privately accessible from the base class.

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The "virtual" specifier in a member function enables which one of the following? a) Monmorphism b) Late binding c) Metamorphism d) Solomorphism e) Inheritance

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