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Aster Teleservices Interview Questions
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In Your Opinion if Recruting is not downloading the Resume . If you have Ideal Job and in your Opinion Recruitment is not Downloading Resumes Then Lets Speak

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What steps to be taken at the time of implementation of Oracle ERP and please give the chart of accounts and links to be given

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i want to hall ticket


what are the various types of earthing? plz give brief detail of all. also post pictures if u have.

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i want to know the full details of group 1 and group 2 exams. what are all the catagories ?. who is elligible for writing group 1 and group 2 exams? how to get trained for the exams?where we can get the application?, when is the exams conducted?

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meaning of engineering ...


why u have not worked anywhere for 3 years


what are the problems faiced at dg comissiong


what are the different types of bus bar used at electrical work at shelter

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which cycle used in diesel engine

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why we ht line cable size small rather than lt cable.

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