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pspl Interview Questions
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What is HRM?

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Routers can learn about destinations through static routes, default, or dynamic routing. By default, a router will use information derived from __________. A. IGRP B. RIP C. IP D. TCP

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persistant placement paper

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void main() { char far *farther,*farthest; printf("%d..%d",sizeof(farther),sizeof(farthest)); }

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what is diff bet project and product testing?What is difference between client server application and web server application

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what is difference between interface and integaration testing?are system specs and functional specs same please tell the difference

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Write an SQL Query to Delete Duplicate records from a table using ROWID.

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when we will use the SendRedirect method instead of forward.

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About CLR, reflection and assemblies?

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what is domain functional level in windows server 2003?


What is Fragment Caching in ASP.NET?

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how can your software identify which version of dot net framework install in client pc and install framework accordingly

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why you applied for crpf.


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Dear Sir, My qus is my co. purchase a laptop from for rs-37200 on credit Emi basis from hdfc bank. i paid every month 6200rs as a installment. so i want to know how i make a entry in tally 9. and also want to know i creat laptop ledger under fixed assets or office expenses. plz tel me soon.or mail me .


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