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Aspire Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is testing policy and testing methodology? and what is the difference?

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What is Alpha and Beta Testing?

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What is accessibility testing

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What do you mean by peer rieviews

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What is Functional testing?

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How do u make sure the test cases are not repeated?

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How do u avoid redundant test cases?

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when doing regression testing, how can we know that other screen or module are affected?

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when we found problem occured in requirement while writing test case when communicate with client but they not accepting it is problem whether you continue further or not?

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What is information flow in testing

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how will get a build for testing.

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How will you divide two numbers without using the division operator?

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Write Test Cases for Vendor Machine, which inputs 50 - Pepsi 1 - Cock 1.50 - 7Up Test Cases should cover all the Boundary Value Analysis, Equivalence Partitioning, etc.

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can u write negative test cases on google search form?

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expalin integration tsting who will perform ths type of testing at what time will do

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