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ABN AMRO Interview Questions
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What is the difference between debt and equity?

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OPEC stands for: (a) Oil Producing European Countries (b) Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (c) Oil and Petroleum Exploring Countries (d) Organisation of Pacific Exploring Countries

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tell me about the difference between marketing and sales

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Why should I invest in Mutual fund which is not secured rather than investing in Any Nationalised bank which is giving me guaranteed interest rate of 9.5% per annum which is also more secured?

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Why did you leave previous job?

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What is the diffrecnce between liabilities and owner's equity?

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what is open intrest

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What is the rate of TDS for the year 2008-09..


hi .... I wanted to know the ways and means where we can save the withholding tax.


What do you mean by Turnover

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what is the diff between reversal and cancellation entries?

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Abbreviate SEZ?

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