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OPI Global Interview Questions
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What are the Golden rules of accounts? with an example?

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Difference between provision & reserve with an example?

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Calculate debtors at the end of the year? debtors-50000, bad debts-2000, discount allowed-1000, 5% on bad debt, 2% discount allowed?


Who is an assesse?

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What are the Different heads of income tax act 1961? tax rate on companies according to current budget?

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Under which head depreciation will come?

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What is MAT stands for?

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What is VAT stands for? what kind of VAT it is?

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Journalise the following Entries? Outstanding salary of rs. 20000/- Prepaid insurance of rs. 5000/-

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can anybody provide me the format of PF & ESI with the rate chart.

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Please provide me the % of T.A. D.A. H.R.A. BASIC .

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