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NSN Interview Questions
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Yester Day i Attended a interview interviewer asked that Due to Sum Bug the total Testing process is Blocked and still hundred test cases are remaining to execute with in a week u have to reliese to the customer at that time what will you do?

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what is the advantage of using SEMAPHORES to ORDINARY VARIABLES???

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Pls send Syllabus of Jr.Eng grade2 electronics 02/2008 & model qustions to my id


How can i calculate heat load ?

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what is ip

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which ip version we are using at present?

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which is the connection oriented protocal? tcp, udp,both or none of them........

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in which osi layer tcp works?

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internet applications work on which osi layer?

3 4550 ip belongs to which class of ip address

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full form of virus?

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please tell me difference between router and cisco router


Why RX LEVEL is Negative in GSM????

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What is this interview room ? Is it a class or an object.

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