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NIIT Core Java Interview Questions
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Difference between a Canvas and a Scroll Pane?.

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why java does not support multiple inheritance

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byte a=5; byte b=5; byte c=a+b; System.out.println(c); whats the o/p?

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explain the life cycle of thread?

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If a multi threaded Java program has started numerous number of threads, at any point in time how to know which thread is currently executing/running ?

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what is main purpose of interface?

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What is JAVA? Why it is platform independent?

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Features of JAVA ? In which version of java synchronizedXXX() methods are included in Collections class.

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diff. b/w JAVA and javascript...

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diffrence b\w println() and printf()

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java program with complete 4 oops concepts implemented example


Is java pure object oriented or not? if yes, give the valid reason.

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How many types of thread in java? give the name

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Hi friends i want display Triangle shap stars(*) please can tell me any one java code logic? * *** ***** ******* Like this

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What is the difference between Java1.4 and Java1.5


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NIIT Core Java Interview Questions

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