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NIIT QTP Interview Questions
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Whenever we use GETROPROPERTY function.

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how can we handle exceptional handling in qtp

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how do you do database testing in qtp

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what is functions in qtp?i know the userdefind &bulit funation or i know that Private public function ?plz tell me what is funations in qtp?how to create a funation in qtp

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hi all here i have tab named "Workbench" By clicking on "workbench" displays 4 tabs like below workbench common cargo commercial charter "common" tab have 10tabs inside,"cargo" tab also haveing 15 tabs inside and remaining two tabs also having few tabs inside. when clicked on "common" displaying the script like tab("workbench").select"common" if i clicked on "cargo".it displaying the script like tab"workbench_2").select"cargo" if i clicked on "commercial".it displaying the script like tab"workbench_3").select"commercial" if i clicked on "charter".it displaying the script like tab"workbench_4").select"charter" I have used a "FOR LOOP" for common,commercial,cargo,charter was stopped at second tab SO, CAN I RECOGNIZE "WORKBENCH_2,_3,_4" AS A SINGLE VARIABLE if not, can anyone plese help me to solve this


How u will do versioning in QTP?


what r the drawbacks and limitations of QTP?

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what is the use of Browser.sync()

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How to add multiple values in rows, under a single column of a run time datatable?

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I have a list box which contains duplicate values e.g. A,A,A,B,B,B,C,C,C.Now write a code in qtp to test the list box . Scenario #1 : I have to check whether any values are there? Scenario #2 : If duplicate values are there,then how many time it is getting duplicated? Svenario #3 : how can I test presence of items in list box ommiting duplicate values?

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Can we select add ins in UFT during run time

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Can we check environment variable value without existing of environment variable

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NIIT QTP Interview Questions

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