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NetApp C Interview Questions
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What is function pointer and where we will use it

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Write a program or provide a pseudo code to flip the 2nd bit of the 32 bit number ! (Phone Screen)

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Add 2 64 bit numbers on a 32 bit machine

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Program to trim a given character from a string.

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How to write a code for random pick from 1-1000 numbers? The output should contain the 10 numbers from the range 1-1000 which should pick randomly, ie ,for each time we run the code we should get different outputs.

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in one file global variable int i; is declared as static. In another file it is extern int i=100; Is this valid ?

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in one file global variable int i; is declared as static. In another file it is extern int i=100; Is this valid ?

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if function is declared as static in one source file, if I would like to use the same function in some other source it ?

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