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NetApp Engineering AllOther Interview Questions
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Net app interview questions ============================ . Storage Fundamentals: - what is Raid? What are different kind of Raids? - Difference between all of Raids , Advantage of one raid over other - What are FCP & ISCSI, Difference between them. - FC Topologies, Iscsi commands - How to mount a Lun on Windows/Linux - NFS and CIFS - Difference between SAN, NAS and DAS - Different Backup methodologies, Snapshot, mirror, Disaster Recovery, High Availability, Cluster concepts 2. Network Fundamentals: - TCP/IP and ISO/OSI layers - What is DHCP, DNS, SNMP, Router, Hub, Switch, HTTPS , HTTP, telnet , ssh, rsh - Different SNMP versions (V1, V2, V3) - SNMP traps - Ipv4 and Ipv6 addressing 3. Database: - SQL queries, Joins (may ask you to write queries with complex joins) - Aggregate functions - Schemas, Tables, views (create, delete, alter, drop etc) 4. Testing - Bug tracking process, Types of Bugs - Difference between priority and Severity of Bug - Your best bug , what will you do when your bug is not fixed/rejected etc. - What is Functionality/Sanity/Stress/Upgrade & revert/Performance/negative/Release test/regression tests. How you have done these in your past projects. - Black box testing, grey box testing - May ask to write test cases on a given scenario - What is test plan and test summary/strategy document. Different sections in these documents. - SDLC, Test Lifecycle and approach to test a product (Given a product what different kind of testing you will do) 5. Perl ( in addition, you may be asked to write scripts on below areas) - Regular expressions - File/Directory Handling - Scalars, Arrays and Hashes - Packages and Modules - Use and require statements - Go through Net::Telnet, Net::SNMP, Net::SSH modules in perl


Given a set of numbers like 1,2,5,4,1,2,1,7 find the number of faults using LRU.

1 2773

Given Max hash and set of numbers find the way they are arranged.


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