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NEPC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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why transmission line 11Kv OR 33KV,66Kv not in 10kv 20kv?

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whay is snubber circuit , why we are using snubber circuit in thyristor

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As we know multiplicity factor derivation equation is as below MF = main c t ratio / main p t ratio * meter c t ratio / meter p t ratio * meter dial constant Where in digital meters for HT kwh import export now a days meter constant are calibrated already which is 1 So my question is For HT 11kv 110 v line values are as below Main c t and p t ratio are 11000 v and 110 v and 20/5 means 20 amp and 5 amp Now meter values are 11000/√3/110√3 and primary and secondary amp are displayed as -/5 amp on kwh meter so what will be the MF for this meter ?

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NEPC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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