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Manhattan Interview Questions
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A_basket_has_six_eggs_in_it_Six_people_come_along_and_each_tak es_an_egg_but_there_is_still_one_egg_left_in_the_basket?how?

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a circle is drawn...roughly in paper...the interviewer asked me to find centre point of circle?the radius,circumference is not known?how to find it?

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a family has 4 people. father is 10kgs.mother 10 kgs.daughter 5 kgs,son 5 kgs........the family has to cross a river to reach other side of land ..Assume they should go from A to B....the boat is limited to carry 10 kgs at a will they reach?THERE IS NO SAILOR TO TAKE THEM...

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4 persons a, b , c , d have to go to concert which will held in 17 minutes. there is a bridge which only 2 persons at a time can cross. its night and they have only one flashlight with them. Flashlight cannot be thrown. one person should return with the flashlight all 4 person have different speed. a = crosses bridge in 1 min. b = crosses bridge in 2 min. c = crosses bridge in 5 min. d = crosses bridge in 10 min how can they all reach in time.?? Ex- suppose a and d crosses bridge which will take 10 mins and then d returns back with a flashlight which will make 20 mins and mission is failed.

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at what rate of interest would compound interest on a sum in two years be 20% more than the corresponding simple interest?

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