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LG Soft Interview Questions
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Have you been to any other country before?


LG SOFT -nov 30,2006 campus paper

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LG Written test paper 2006

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What is Oxidation and Reduction?

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what is the advantage of function pointer

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will any one told me if any interviewer ask u that wat type of defect tracking tool we use in project then wat will be the answer?

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why we use defect tracking tool?

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View / tahle v_anka_08 can only be displayed and maintained with restrions


How many types of Parameters are available in QTP? and Pls Explain with example.

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what is ur strangth & weekness


what is the difference between declaration ,defenetion and initialization of a variable?

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what do u mean by Direct access files? then can u explain about Direct Access Files?


what are the difference between ANSI C and Let Us c and Turbo C

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write a own function to compare two strings with out using stringcomparition function?

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what is dangling pointer?

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